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Types Of Planets
There are many types of planets, Unit Production, Income, Covert & Anti-Covert, Defence and Attack.

In some rare cases you can get a Dual planet, in which case your planet could be:
Unit Production + Unit Production, Attack + Defence, really any combination of the other types.

In very rare cases you can get a blank planet, quite simply it does nothing at all.

There are quite a few sizes, Below are the Sizes and the Cost to upgrade to the next size.
Size - Cost to Upgrade
Tiny - Starting Size
Small - 10,000,000
Normal - 100,000,000
Above Average - 1,000,000,000
Large - 10,000,000,000
Huge - 100,000,000,000
Massive - 1,000,000,000,000
Mind Blowing - 10,000,000,000,000

Ascending With Planets
When you ascend, you keep your planets, they dont change whatso ever.

Beacons cost 1,000,000,000 Naq to install. they tell you the location of the planet if its stolen from you. They dont work if your planet has been Abandoned.

On a side note, if you use a beacon that you still have the planet too, it will tell you that you have the planet.

Some one stole my planet and now its gone
The reason for this is that, the person who took your planet and abandoned it. its a valid war tactic, and personally i do it to annoy someone who attacked me .

Maximising A Planets Full Potential
Planets can only match 1/2 of your natural att/cov/def scores. So if you had strike action of 1,000,000 - and 2 attack planets that contribute 1,000,000 each - your strike would be 1,000,000 + 2 x 500,000 or 2,000,000 (not 3,000,000 since your natural strike was 1,000,000 so the planets can only add 1/2 that much, times the number of attack planets you have).

Covert Planets
The planet is a tool, much like a hammer, if you dont have hands you can't use the hammer, same with the covert planet, if dont have the covert power to use your planets full potential, then boost your covert power.
Basically what that means is if you have 1 spy with level 20 spy and a planet with +30 billion covert &anti-Covert you would have a covert action of 29,967. NOT 30 billion
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