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PostSubject: Spies   Spies Icon_minitime4th October 2007, 20:06


This is your power to spy on people AND to stop people spying on you!!

the higher your Covert level, the better chance you have on spying on someone and the better chance of stopping them spying on you!!!

Anti Covert

This is what you use when you attack people. the higher your Anti Covert, the more of their spies you can take out!! but you will loose men also!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Spies   Spies Icon_minitime31st January 2008, 17:50

This might seem like an obvious point but it is something a lot of newer players do not realise.....

Anti-covert does not stop people spying on you. It is the ability to kill enemy covert agents.

It is your covert ability that stops people spying on you.
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